What is a Light Docent

My name is Kim Mazzella, and I am a Light Docent.   My goal is to help everyone that I work with find their power and live love-focused lives instead of fear-based ones.  I teach people how to shift their perspective to one of joy.   

Most of us were never taught how to be happy.  In fact, many of our mentors in youth were pretty miserable.  We are often taught a superficial definition of happiness--that if we “get”  things, we will be happy.  We learn to think that if we achieve a certain weight, job, or amount of money, life will be awesome.  I am not suggesting that we eschew material things, but, although the world teaches us that these things will bring joy, they cannot.  These things might bring us temporary happiness, but real joy is something that lasts, and it is never achieved by getting anything.

A central teaching of the Light Docent curriculum is that nothing can bring you joy.  If your joy comes from somewhere outside of you, you will be in a constant chase for happiness trying to find it. True joy starts from the inside, and in order to find it, you must give it away.  If you want anything and want it to last, you must give it away.  While this may sound paradoxical, I will go even further to say that every single thing you have ever received has been because, energetically speaking, you attracted it through giving it away.  

Most of my clients have a difficult time with this concept at first.  It makes sense in the cases of peace and love, but not with time or money.  However, this concept is truthful, as it is based in Universal Law.

Universal Law applies to everyone, and when you understand the Laws of Energy and work with them, you can experience their legitimacy and power.  The more you understand the rules of energy, the more you can let go of fear and focus on love.  You will no longer worry about what other people do, have, and say, because you will understand that you have access to power, the same power that made the planet.  You will be a co-creator in your life, not a slave to it.  

As a Light Docent, I will teach you how to work with Universal Laws to live a life of real peace and joy.