Peace is a Decision

I am not at peace because things are going perfectly in my life.  I do not feel content because everyone smiles at me all day long, I get the best deals on everything, nothing ever breaks, no one ever leaves, and I never get hurt.  I am peaceful because I have decided to be and I refuse to be dissuaded in the pursuit of emotional balance.

In my work as a Life Coach, the greatest challenge is explaining to people who are going through a difficult trauma that peace is still a choice.  Most are aghast that I would even suggest such a thing. Regardless, if you are waiting for a condition to make you feel better, you are going to be waiting forever.  If you are reading this, this moment is a great time to decide to feel better. Life is never going to be challenge free. Our time on this planet is designed to make sure conditions are never perfect.  Challenges are part of the curriculum. We can choose to see these challenges as assignments we learn and grow from or we can choose to see them as setbacks and misfortunes. Gabby Bernstein says, “A challenge is a detour in the right direction.” What matters is what you do at each crossroad.

The other day, I was in the gym and the trainer said to the class, “decide now if you plan to train your weakness or your strength, the choice is yours.”  This trainer had said this to us before, but this is the first time I really heard it. It does not matter if we positively know that life is a journey of learning and what we experience is our curriculum; just decide that it is so.  Once you make that decision, then you are poised to get better at it.  For what is the point of any schooling whatsoever if it does not make you better at something?  You take math to get better at math. You take “life” to get better at “life.” Decide to get better at it.

Every choice we make boils down to this choice: do we want to learn from love, expansion and growth or do we want to learn from fear, restriction and limitation? What we chose always teaches us.  When we choose love, the outcome may not be exactly what we want, but you can be sure the outcome is going to make you, in some small way at least, better than before your choice. Fear only gives you more fear, more worries.  Even if your problem seems to heal, chances are high that it will be replaced with other problems if you allow the energy of fear to be part of the equation.

If you view life as a curriculum in which you are supposed to come out more loving, peaceful and happy, you can change the way you view your challenges.  A Course in Miracles says that the “fear mind” views itself at the beck and call of situations. So, perhaps someone in your life hurt you or even hurt themselves.  You do not have power over what another person can or cannot do. Sure, energetically speaking, you absolutely have influence over them, but ultimately everyone is in charge of their own lives.  What you can do is decide how you are going to handle it, how you are going to feel.  If life is a classroom and we all want A’s, the Course suggests that we must make this decision before we go into any situation:  “What do I want to happen? What is this situation for?”  This question puts you back in the driver seat of your life. Once you decide what you are going to learn, set out to learn it.  Now it is no longer about the situation itself, but the goal you set forth.

“I could choose peace instead of this,” the Course teaches. So, no matter what the condition in your life, peace is still an option.  You just have to make a decision and train yourself that peace is the only option. And it will be so.