Healing Our Society

We failed Nikolas Cruz just as much as we failed the seventeen individuals who were murdered in the Parkland school shooting.  While this may sound appalling, it is true.  A community is only as strong as its weakest link, and we have become a society of enemies. Our “us against them” mentality is killing us. Both the shooter and those we lost are victims of this divisiveness.

As an energy healer, I always start my work at the root. The root chakra represents framework and foundation.  Think of a tree: If the roots of the tree are not well hydrated or firmly planted, the tree will not be healthy.  Similarly, if the roots of a society are not firmly planted in a community in which every person, even the sickest among us, matters, then that society is doomed for failure.

It is time to retire our labels.  We are not Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives, pro-this or anti-that. The labels we use divide us.  It is time to embrace the idea that we are all part of one community; we are all connected.  A Course in Miracles is very clear about this.  Again and again, the book says that “this is a course for all or none.”  This means that if you want peace in this lifetime, you must extend it to everyone, not just those who are “similar” to you.  All of our judgments keep us separated from each other, but they are just a projection of our own misguided fears.

The only way to heal our society is to lay down our proverbial arms and make the decision to love each other.  Of course, this sounds silly and impractical.  I am not saying to get rid of your guns, but you may want to change the reason for which you have them. The Law of Attraction states, “like attracts like.”  When you believe that a gun is going to keep you safe, you actually attract the need to use it.  You tell the universe, “I am not safe unless I have a gun,” and the universe makes it so.

The issues currently plaguing this society can not be solved if we just focus on guns. No action we take can change anything until we decide to change the way in which we view each other.  When we stop viewing those who are different as “the other,” and make a decision to see them as we see ourselves, change can happen.  When we decide to choose love over fear, miracles will naturally occur.

The truth is that if we are all connected, a small change in one person’s perception can change everyone’s perception.  If you spend five minutes meditating today, you will gain the ability to have an impact on everyone around you.  With every door you open for another, every car you let pass you, and every time you say, “I hear you,” instead of, “I think,” you become a wave in the metaphorical ocean that can carve out new land and reshape societal norms.  Everyone who decides to connect rather than fear will build the foundation that will heal our communities.  All it takes is one small decision, and you can make it today, right here and right now.