Peace is a Decision

I am not at peace because things are going perfectly in my life.  I do not feel content because everyone smiles at me all day long, I get the best deals on everything, nothing ever breaks, no one ever leaves, and I never get hurt.  I am peaceful because I have decided to be and I refuse to be dissuaded in the pursuit of emotional balance.

In my work as a Life Coach, the greatest challenge is explaining to people who are going through a difficult trauma that peace is still a choice.  Most are aghast that I would even suggest such a thing. Regardless, if you are waiting for a condition to make you feel better, you are going to be waiting forever.  If you are reading this, this moment is a great time to decide to feel better. Life is never going to be challenge free. Our time on this planet is designed to make sure conditions are never perfect.  Challenges are part of the curriculum. We can choose to see these challenges as assignments we learn and grow from or we can choose to see them as setbacks and misfortunes. Gabby Bernstein says, “A challenge is a detour in the right direction.” What matters is what you do at each crossroad.

The other day, I was in the gym and the trainer said to the class, “decide now if you plan to train your weakness or your strength, the choice is yours.”  This trainer had said this to us before, but this is the first time I really heard it. It does not matter if we positively know that life is a journey of learning and what we experience is our curriculum; just decide that it is so.  Once you make that decision, then you are poised to get better at it.  For what is the point of any schooling whatsoever if it does not make you better at something?  You take math to get better at math. You take “life” to get better at “life.” Decide to get better at it.

Every choice we make boils down to this choice: do we want to learn from love, expansion and growth or do we want to learn from fear, restriction and limitation? What we chose always teaches us.  When we choose love, the outcome may not be exactly what we want, but you can be sure the outcome is going to make you, in some small way at least, better than before your choice. Fear only gives you more fear, more worries.  Even if your problem seems to heal, chances are high that it will be replaced with other problems if you allow the energy of fear to be part of the equation.

If you view life as a curriculum in which you are supposed to come out more loving, peaceful and happy, you can change the way you view your challenges.  A Course in Miracles says that the “fear mind” views itself at the beck and call of situations. So, perhaps someone in your life hurt you or even hurt themselves.  You do not have power over what another person can or cannot do. Sure, energetically speaking, you absolutely have influence over them, but ultimately everyone is in charge of their own lives.  What you can do is decide how you are going to handle it, how you are going to feel.  If life is a classroom and we all want A’s, the Course suggests that we must make this decision before we go into any situation:  “What do I want to happen? What is this situation for?”  This question puts you back in the driver seat of your life. Once you decide what you are going to learn, set out to learn it.  Now it is no longer about the situation itself, but the goal you set forth.

“I could choose peace instead of this,” the Course teaches. So, no matter what the condition in your life, peace is still an option.  You just have to make a decision and train yourself that peace is the only option. And it will be so.


The Burden of Judgment

The news was incredibly interesting.  There was a porn star, there was a President and then there was a tremendous amount of drama.  Like a deer in the headlight, I found myself glued to the television, watching this drama unfold.  The small part of me was practically wringing my hands back and forth in delight, so overjoyed by the viciousness of the “I told you so,” I wanted to unleash on all of my friends who voted for this particular President.  Then I remembered. I remembered that I am a co-creator of my experience. I remembered that there was no world “out there” there was only my point of focus and present time. I remembered that my judgement about another person was always an expression of the judgement I hold about myself that I do not want to own.  But, most importantly, I remembered that I wanted to be at peace.

It is easy to get caught up in the drama in the world.  The one thing that I know is you cannot pretend the world is not happening.  A Course in Miracles says that you must look upon the world of illusions in order to dispel them.  So, you must look. But, if what you are looking at is not love and you agree with it, then you are agreeing with an illusion.  Why does this matter? The Course says “ideas leave not their source.” What this means is, if you see something outside of yourself, something that makes you angry, something that makes you believe in judgement and shame, it is really your own judgement and shame that you are holding.  My gleeful “aha” about the drama unfolding was really an opportunity. It was an opportunity for me to forgive myself. Because I do not want to look at my own judgment and shame, I threw it out onto a porn star and a President. How do I forgive myself? I do it by forgiving them.

Ugh.  That is always my next thought. “I don’t wanna.”  Of course I do not want to forgive them. I can find plenty of people to agree with me.  They might say, “But, you did sleep with her and then pay her hush money to be quiet.” Well, if you are perfect then go ahead and throw that stone.  But, chances are, there is something you feel guilty or uncomfortable about. It is just so much easier to focus on someone else than to consider your own conscience.  

The great news about forgiving them is I actually start to feel better.  It is not because I am so holy, or so spiritual that I feel better. It is because my own guilt is heavy in my energy system.  All we hold onto weighs us down. The same part of us that yearns to be “better than” hides from the feeling of “less than.” Our negative emotions sit like an anchor in our energy stream, making it take much more effort to go much less distance.  When we offer another a blessing, we are blessed in turn. When I give them a break, I become more happy and at peace.

There is much drama unfolding in the world now.  I am not suggesting that you pretend it is not occurring.  But, instead, use the drama to remember that we are all one.  Whatever you hold against another is something that you allow to hold you back.  This does not mean that you need to like everyone else, have them all for dinner and become best friends.  What it means is that you make the decision to choose to focus on love and forgiveness over fear and guilt.  

Healing Our Society

We failed Nikolas Cruz just as much as we failed the seventeen individuals who were murdered in the Parkland school shooting.  While this may sound appalling, it is true.  A community is only as strong as its weakest link, and we have become a society of enemies. Our “us against them” mentality is killing us. Both the shooter and those we lost are victims of this divisiveness.

As an energy healer, I always start my work at the root. The root chakra represents framework and foundation.  Think of a tree: If the roots of the tree are not well hydrated or firmly planted, the tree will not be healthy.  Similarly, if the roots of a society are not firmly planted in a community in which every person, even the sickest among us, matters, then that society is doomed for failure.

It is time to retire our labels.  We are not Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives, pro-this or anti-that. The labels we use divide us.  It is time to embrace the idea that we are all part of one community; we are all connected.  A Course in Miracles is very clear about this.  Again and again, the book says that “this is a course for all or none.”  This means that if you want peace in this lifetime, you must extend it to everyone, not just those who are “similar” to you.  All of our judgments keep us separated from each other, but they are just a projection of our own misguided fears.

The only way to heal our society is to lay down our proverbial arms and make the decision to love each other.  Of course, this sounds silly and impractical.  I am not saying to get rid of your guns, but you may want to change the reason for which you have them. The Law of Attraction states, “like attracts like.”  When you believe that a gun is going to keep you safe, you actually attract the need to use it.  You tell the universe, “I am not safe unless I have a gun,” and the universe makes it so.

The issues currently plaguing this society can not be solved if we just focus on guns. No action we take can change anything until we decide to change the way in which we view each other.  When we stop viewing those who are different as “the other,” and make a decision to see them as we see ourselves, change can happen.  When we decide to choose love over fear, miracles will naturally occur.

The truth is that if we are all connected, a small change in one person’s perception can change everyone’s perception.  If you spend five minutes meditating today, you will gain the ability to have an impact on everyone around you.  With every door you open for another, every car you let pass you, and every time you say, “I hear you,” instead of, “I think,” you become a wave in the metaphorical ocean that can carve out new land and reshape societal norms.  Everyone who decides to connect rather than fear will build the foundation that will heal our communities.  All it takes is one small decision, and you can make it today, right here and right now. 

What is a Light Docent

My name is Kim Mazzella, and I am a Light Docent.   My goal is to help everyone that I work with find their power and live love-focused lives instead of fear-based ones.  I teach people how to shift their perspective to one of joy.   

Most of us were never taught how to be happy.  In fact, many of our mentors in youth were pretty miserable.  We are often taught a superficial definition of happiness--that if we “get”  things, we will be happy.  We learn to think that if we achieve a certain weight, job, or amount of money, life will be awesome.  I am not suggesting that we eschew material things, but, although the world teaches us that these things will bring joy, they cannot.  These things might bring us temporary happiness, but real joy is something that lasts, and it is never achieved by getting anything.

A central teaching of the Light Docent curriculum is that nothing can bring you joy.  If your joy comes from somewhere outside of you, you will be in a constant chase for happiness trying to find it. True joy starts from the inside, and in order to find it, you must give it away.  If you want anything and want it to last, you must give it away.  While this may sound paradoxical, I will go even further to say that every single thing you have ever received has been because, energetically speaking, you attracted it through giving it away.  

Most of my clients have a difficult time with this concept at first.  It makes sense in the cases of peace and love, but not with time or money.  However, this concept is truthful, as it is based in Universal Law.

Universal Law applies to everyone, and when you understand the Laws of Energy and work with them, you can experience their legitimacy and power.  The more you understand the rules of energy, the more you can let go of fear and focus on love.  You will no longer worry about what other people do, have, and say, because you will understand that you have access to power, the same power that made the planet.  You will be a co-creator in your life, not a slave to it.  

As a Light Docent, I will teach you how to work with Universal Laws to live a life of real peace and joy.