I am a Life Coach and an Energy Healer.   You might know me as the author of the “How to” articles on the Sisstar Loop.  I teach you how to get out of your STRUGGLE and into your POWER by giving you a new way to look at your struggle and a new way to understand power.  Most of us do not understand the rules of energy and power.  We make life much more complicated than it needs to be.  We feel guilty for having fun or enjoying our down time.  My goal is to teach you a new perspective that helps you to easily step into your power.  Why does it matter?  Isn’t life going to still keep bringing difficulties and hardships?  Does it matter if you are in your power?  It absolutely does make a difference and you are going have a better understanding of what you need to do to get there by working with me.

“...out of your struggle and into your power!” - Kim Mazzella

What is a Light Docent?

At the Life Guidance Center we firmly believe in your ability to light your own way. We use our Light Docents in the gallery that is your mind to assist you as you walk through the layers of light composing your beauty-full and abundant life. Connecting with our docents will allow you to see your life with new light and abundance